Welcome to the new and improved DougWangler.com website. We are hoping fans can find this place to send their letters, customs, art and other works they have created. "Master Vos" wanted to have a PO box set up so Star Wars fans across the galaxy could show their appreciation. With several cover credits and two action figures to date, Quinlan Vos continues to be one of the most popular characters and has helped propel the Expanded Universe to unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

We have also revamped this domain to keep you informed of the other acting / model work Doug is looking to expand upon in 2009. The Jedi with a gun is looking forward to getting back out and interacting with fans on the convention circuit. If you are looking to have an additional guest or entertainer at your show or event please contact info@dougwangler.com for booking arrangements. Stay tuned for the updated sections and photo galleries provided by the team at Sandtroopers Entertainment.